Yuniya: ReRoot

Saturday 2nd March

Yuniya: ReRoot

Unearth the ecological wisdom woven into African myths through visual experiences.

How can we ReRoot ourselves in the tales of the past? How can these tales reframe how we see the world around us? Embark on a captivating journey of discovery with ourReRoot series—an exploration of ecological wisdom woven into myths. This in-person series is a space for collective exploration and imagination.

ReRoot and Reconnect through the transformative power of storytelling- an ode to ancestry heritage and the enduring wisdom that transcends generations.

We will be joined by the talented Kadialy Kouyaté, a renowned Senegalese kora virtuoso and singer. Kadialy’s music transcends boundaries, weaving together entrancing kora melodies and soulful singing.

During this session, Kadialy draws inspiration from the elemental forces of the earth: air, water, and fire. 

Join us for a captivating auditory journey as we celebrate the essence of our planet through Kadialy’s evocative compositions.

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