Karaoke & Canapés II with NattyCanCook

Thursday 28th March

Karaoke & Canapés II with NattyCanCook

If you missed the first one last month, don’t worry. We’re back again for Karaoke & Canapés II with NattyCanCook,

Natty is an experienced chef from South London who has a passion for food and is determined to expand his knowledge of different cuisines. We can’t wait to show you what he’s got in store for you at his pop-up with us 😏. Plus it’s a bank holiday the day after, so you know we’re gonna keep the vibes right and going all night long.

Expect the very best in food, drink and vocals. We’re even throwing an afterparty for those who haven’t quite warmed up their vocal chords… See you there! 🎤

Food service is between 8-9:30pm. No food is guaranteed to those who arrive after this time.



Saltfish Fritters with Fermented Mango Chutney

Plantain Cheesy Beef Croquettes

Rice & Peas Hash with Scotch Bonnet Prawn

Callaloo Scarpinocc Pasta filled with cooked up Pumpkin

Small Bowls

Curried Lamb Chops with Brown Butter Mash

Easter Fried Fish with Rice & Peas and Sweet Pimento Sauce

Double Chocolate & Strawberry Brownie with Creme Anglaise


Apple Crumble with a Basil Creme Anglaise